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At eBooksAddict.com we provide daily updates about the best Kindle deals available. Each day, we scour through hundreds of listings to find the best Kindle free book offerings available.

Here is an example of what you can expect to find at eBooksAddict:

  1. Free Ebooks – completely and absolutely free to download!
  2. Bargain Ebooks  – books priced at under $1
  3. Hot Deals – books at a 70% or more discount from the normal price


Our Team

ebooksmall copyMichelle (owner) – An avid book reader who has been reading nearly non-stop from the age of three! Michelle is in charge of book selections, author communication and advertisement.



deedeeavatarDeeDee (content/poster) – DeeDee is a lover of fantasy and sci-fi novels in particular, although you will also find her reading the occasional romance or mystery. She scours the book selections at Amazon daily to find the best free and bargain book deals!


Bill (web designer) – Our web design expert and occasional poster here at eBooks Addict. He also occasionally answers e-mails and deals with technical features on the site.

Suzzy – Contributor/Reviewer. Suzzy is a book loving grandma who loves to review books!

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