[Book of The Day!] Shadow Boxer (NA Fantasy/Time Travel Book 2) (1/22)

This Our Book of The Day! “I loved the main character in Shadow Boxer. The author did an excellent job building Evy’s character throughout the story. She’s tough – the story starts out with Evy getting body art in the tattoo parlor. But, you also learn quickly that she is also vulnerable and dealing with issues in her love life, which is complicated by time travel between several realities.”

Shadow Boxer (NA Fantasy/Time Travel Book 2)
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Fatigued from her latest mission where sleep was fleeting, time traveler, Evy Rivera will see no reprieve. Urgently, she must again travel back to ancient Rome. With one mentor kidnapped and the other threatening to eliminate scientists from the past, Evy must prioritize with the utmost care. But the next girl on the list is one she knows–and daughter of the man who trained her and stole her heart. Evy must push aside her heart-wrenching desire to reconnect with Constantine to focus on her task. 

Every step draws Evy deeper into the mysteries and lies surrounding her lightning rider ability. Once her assignment in Rome is complete, she’s ripped away from Constantine and hurled through infinity. With nowhere to turn, she must align herself with the man who despises her in order to befriend Nikola Tesla and keep his patents out of the FBI’s clutches. But her heart aches for Constantine. Will she be able to push aside her feelings and complete the alteration before another scientist is lost to a new history?
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