[Free eBook] 35 Homemade Bread Recipes – Fresh Out Of The Oven, Buttered and Gone (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks Book 16) (12/21)

Free today! “Who doesn’t like the smell and taste of homemade bread? It’s my family’s weakness but now I can make fresh bread without all those store bought preservatives. I feel good getting to use these recipes for a limited free time offer! Thank you!”

35 Homemade Bread Recipes – Fresh Out Of The Oven, Buttered and Gone (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks Book 16)
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There’s nothing more scrumptious than a warm piece of homemade bread fresh out of the oven. And with these 35 recipes, you’ll have more than just the basic bread to delight your taste buds. From chocolate chip pumpkin to banana to potato, there’s a wide variety of flavorful recipes to choose from.

Use them as a tasty breakfast treat or turn a simple soup or stew into a tasty and filling dinner with the addition of baked goods still warm from the oven.

Homemade bread is a staple in my frugal household and I’m sure it will become one in your as well.

Here are the recipes you’ll find inside:
No Knead Dill Bread
White Bread
Easy No Knead Bread
One Hour Homemade Bread
Amish Bread
Homemade Cinnamon Bread
Banana Apple Bread
Five Ingredient Homemade Bread
Homemade Beer Bread
Wheat Bread
Easy Homemade Banana Bread
Homemade Bread with Molasses
Granola Bread
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread
Easy Homemade Honey Whole Wheat Bread
Homemade Orange Bread
Homemade Caraway Bread
Homemade Chocolate Bread
Pineapple Zucchini Bread
Rosemary Poppy Seed Bread
Homemade French Bread
Caraway and Dill Bread
Onion and Dill Bread
Cheddar and Dill Beer Bread
Homemade Garlic Dill Bread
Homemade Bread Pudding
Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding
Pumpkin Bread
Cream Cheese Strawberry Bread
Homemade Chocolate Chip Bread
Homemade Focaccia Bread
Potato Bread
Chocolate Marbled Banana Bread
Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
Chocolate Zucchini Bread

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