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40 Cupcake Recipes: Cupcakes Recipe Book
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40 Cupcake Recipes: Cupcakes Recipe Book

40 Cupcake Recipes: Cupcakes Recipe Book – cupcakes for kids, sweet and savory cupcakes included and much more!

Cheryl King “the Cupcake Queen” presents the 40 Cupcake Recipes: Cupcakes Recipe Book in an easy to read and understandable style, based on years of experience. Beautiful pictures and nice introduction for each cupcake recipe are included. But the real strength of this cupcakes recipe book are the unique and delicious recipes and that the ingredients and preparation method are neatly and simply laid out to guide you through an exciting collection of 40 cupcake recipes (sweet and savory) from scratch.

These are the sweet cupcake recipes that you get: walnut-coffee cupcakes, chocolate-cherry cupcakes, chocolate surprise cupcakes, poppy – rum cupcakes, delicate orange-ginger cupcakes, croquant – strawberry cupcakes, sweet kids cupcakes, amaretto cupcakes, peanut-butter chocolate cupcakes, frankfurt cupcakes, healthy cupcakes, lemon-coconut cupcakes, ragged cupcakes, chocolate-lavender cupcakes, white chocolate-orange cupcakes, pineapple-lemon cupcakes, pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon cream, champagne cupcakes, absolutely hot cupcakes, couscous cupcakes, carrot cupcakes, cupcakes with juicy apple center, chocolate cupcake with vanilla pudding center, raspberry cupcakes with the lime cream, banana-caramel cupcakes with the caramel icing, apricot cupcakes, mango cupcakes, valentine cupcakes, black & white cupcakes, green cupcakes, vanilla bourbon cupcakes, happy confetti orange cupcakes, chocolate mint cupcakes with creamy mint center, just the cupcakes and scaher cupcakes.

Also included are recipes for the following savory cupcakes: tuna cupcakes, potato
cupcakes, spicy smoke sausage cupcakes, leek cupcakes and corn-chicken cupcakes.

Without a doubt, one of these 40 cupcakes have your name on it!

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