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50 Shades of Grace (Spiritual Growth): Free At Last
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“50 Shades of Grace”: The Gospel Like You’ve Never Heard It 
As a Christian, you’re called to joy, freedom and the abundant life. You’re destined for dominion, to set captives free, and disciple nations. So, why are you still struggling to achieve it? Where is your great inheritance? The peace beyond all understanding? The signs and wonders? The supernatural, abundant life you’ve been promised? 

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+Why the hotly debated “hyper-grace” has nothing to do with grace 
+The most pervasive deception about grace, and how to overcome it forever 
+The most important ””overlooked- attribute of God’s grace 
+How to access grace now and be set free forever 
+How to enjoy deeper intimacy with the Lord immediately 
+How to make a simple shift in perspective to step confidently into your destiny today and more! 

˃˃˃ Foolish Galatians, Who Has Bewitched You? 
Apostle Paul rebuked the Galatians for trusting in a gospel which is no gospel at all. “Foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?” The mixing of grace with religious law is bewitchment; yet, the mixture has prevailed in the church. Could it be that hidden legalism is the cause of your consternation? 

In “50 Shades,” Dr. Eddie Summers takes you into the Biblical depths of grace so that you can access the gift and never look back. With careful exegesis, personal testimony, and the occasional bad joke, Summers confronts religious strongholds both to tear down misconceptions and fortify you concerning the Good News. It will be so clear, you’ll wonder that it was ever unclear before. 
Whether you’re a new or seasoned believer, chances are you’ve been under a teaching about grace that falls far short of the glory. As you explore 50 “shades” of God’s infinite grace, you’ll be drinking from the fountain of His presence and glory beyond all you could ask or imagine. That is Summers’ prayer and commitment to you. 

What Others Are Saying About 50 Shades of Grace

“I’ve read many books on this subject and this, by far, makes grace most clear and comprehensible.” –Sean Smith, Director of Sean Smith Ministries/Pointblank Intl, Author of I Am Your Sign and Prophetic Evangelism 

“In ’50 Shades Of Grace,’ Pastor Eddie Summers unlocks the secrets of what true grace is.” –Brian “Head” Welch, KoRn,New York Times bestselling author of Save Me From Myself 

“In his new book, ’50 Shades of Grace,’ Eddie Summers has created a wonderfully detailed study of God’s Grace as it is applied to virtually every area of a person’s life … I believe wherever you find yourself in your own spiritual journey, this book will have a lasting impact.” — Rich Guerra, Superintendent of the Southern California Network of the Assemblies of God 

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