[Free eBook] A Cry Out Of Time (The Esme Chronicles Book 1) (11/29)

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A Cry Out Of Time (The Esme Chronicles Book 1)
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On a plane bound for vacation in Oregon, Esme wakes from a dream of a ship wreck so real even upon awakening she still feels she’s drowning. The family is heading to the Heceta House, one of the ten most haunted houses in America, and Esme is in for the ride of her life. 
Upon arrival at Devil’s Elbow and the Heceta House, Esme immediately begins noticing strange things around her. She hears voices, watches in horror as a ship crashes into the cliff side, and feels a presence seeking her help. 
Is Esme brave enough to help this lost soul? Will she be able to put the pieces to this puzzle together in time? What will she learn about herself in the process? She faces a destiny she never had any choice but to follow.
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