[Free eBook] Angel Wishes (Tea or Sympathy Book 1) (12/04)

Free today! “A beautifully written romance. I have not as yet read anything like it. Free flow of words and touchy.”

Angel Wishes (Tea or Sympathy Book 1)
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When Addie inherits her parents’ small antique shop, she wonders how she can pursue her New York career and keep the shop her parents loved. Although the shop barely breaks even, it’s a meeting place for friends to gossip and share tea-or sympathy when needed. Then there’s Gabe, an old childhood friend who’s become an important part of her life. When she finally gets her big break, he selflessly wishes her well. Not until he’s hurt in his job as a firefighter does she realize the only true love shown in their relationship was on his part, by not asking that she give up her dream and stay. Angel Wishes, Book 1 of the Tea or Sympathy Series can be enjoyed as part of a series or as a standalone read.
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