[Free eBook] Bedtime Stories: Dog Rescue Mission (Telling the Truth) (Ages 6-8) (Neon Tiki Tribe) (11/18)

Free today! “This was a fun read. I along with my kids really enjoyed reading this story. We have a dog so they got a kick out of seeing another dog in the book. What can I say this book really was great. It kept everyone’s attention through the whole book, including mine. Looking forward to future releases”

Bedtime Stories: Dog Rescue Mission (Telling the Truth) (Ages 6-8) (Neon Tiki Tribe)

Free today! ”

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Award Winning Children’s Book Series
**Mom’s Choice Award Winner**
**Only Dyslexic Friendly Book in Kindle Store**
**One of Most Educational Book in Kindle Store**

Dog Rescue Mission teaches kids about the importance of telling the truth and the dangers of lying.


What Parents Are Saying:

* Although we have hundreds of books these are some my kids continually
come back to…

* She is now 8 years old and reads all of the Tiki books to her little sister….

* She is five and a half and sat right down on my lap and listened to every

* All four of my kids LOVE them…


Book Overview:
A dog is missing! The Neon Tiki Tribe help a neighborhood boy, upset that he lost his dog, and even more upset that he lied to his parents about how the dog went missing. Using special shades the Neon Tiki Tribe hunt down the pup. What they find isn’t just the dog – but some trouble – in the evil Ku Tiki Tribe! “Dog Rescue Mission” teaches kids about the importance of honesty and the courage of telling the truth.
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