[Free eBook] Broken Glass (11/27)

Free today! “Really enjoyed this book! Everytime I tried to put it down I got sucked right back in, literally could not put it down. I loved how different this book was from others and the fact that it was a VERY different subject for the author to write about. Thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone!”

Broken Glass
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**WINNER: 2013 Beach Book Awards — Teenage Fiction** 
**HONORABLE MENTION: 2014 Paris Book Festival** 

Ava Darton had it all: she was a beautiful, spunky blonde with a great group of friends, an amazing fiancé, and a perfect career waiting for her as she was about to graduate college at the top of her class. All this, and she was just twenty-two years old. 

And in a matter of moments, it was all gone. 

In an instant, Ava’s perfect life turns into her perfect nightmare, and unable to handle what her life has become, she attempts to end it. Failing miserably, she lands herself in Craneville, a hospital for the mentally ill. 
From a tough psychiatrist to a locked-down cell to fellow patients talking in riddles, Ava falls into a dark place, unsure of how to pull herself from this personal entrapment. Stripped down to her rawest bits, Ava will discover if her life was really ever perfect, or if she has just begun to figure out who Ava Darton is.
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