[Free eBook] Caught by the Blizzard: A romantic winter thriller (1/20)

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Caught by the Blizzard: A romantic winter thriller
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This winter thriller is scorching hot!

The sleepy mountain town of Tellure Hollow won’t ever be the same.

When Liz Croyden lost her mother to breast cancer, she knew she had to protect her father from experiencing that kind of pain ever again. Liz’s proactive surgery was one of the most difficult things she’s ever done. Bravery may be soul-deep but now all people see is a young, beautiful girl with breast implants. Bitter but adaptable, she’s learned how to use those assumptions to get what she wants. Unfortunately, it’s put her in some unsavory positions and she’s left wondering how her life got so twisted. 

Bryan Marsh was a downhill skier pegged for the Olympics. He had it all. A fiance, a supportive family, a perfect future laid out before him. All it took was one tragic crash to rip everything he’d ever known apart. Two years later, he’s still trying to pick up the pieces and figure out who he is if he can no longer be The Blizzard. 

Fate throws Liz and Bryan together in the small ski resort town of Tellure Hollow. Each are hoping their mountain retreat will bring some answers. Neither of them ever expected to find someone so special. 

Can Bryan help Liz escape the vengeance of a convict ex who’s demanding what he paid for? Will they be able to break down the walls they’ve built and accept the happiness they so sorely deserve? 

Caught by the Blizzard is the first novel in the 2 book Blizzard series. Any and all cliffhangers will be resolved in the second novel. I promise 😉

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