[Free eBook] Crypt Keeper (The Molly Maddison Series Book 1) (12/12)

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Crypt Keeper (The Molly Maddison Series Book 1)
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Molly Maddison grew up in a funeral home that unfortunately backed up to the largest Insane Asylum in the state. Very few understand what happens after death, Molly does. While other children were playing in the park with their living friends, Molly was in the cemetery playing with the dead. To say she is troubled is an understatement. 

Now Molly has a new plan, to attempt to lead a normal life, and ban the contact with any of the dead. Realizing that she is madly in love with one of them was never part of that plan. However neither life or death ever go as planned and Molly is called upon to perform her role as the family Crypt Keeper… 

Is she up for the task? Only time will tell.
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