[Free eBook] Death on Dangar Island (1/11)

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Death on Dangar Island
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Professor Israel Wren doesn’t think Roxanne Duncan died of snakebite on Dangar Island — no matter what anybody says. And he’s right… 
Hardboiled DI Scott McKinnon takes an instant dislike to the fastidious Israel and his conspiracy theories and looks ready to sign the case off as an accident. 
Driven by his sense of justice and the demon that visits him in his sleep, Israel launches his own investigation into Roxanne’s death, dragging along his Aussie mate Gary, who was hoping this island holiday might have been more fishing and cricket than secrets and intrigue. 
Can the professor prove Roxanne’s death was no accident? Will he and Gary be able to corner the killer before more people die? Join them on an island full of suspicious locals, teenage goths and deadly serpents — an island named Dangar. 
Packed with quirky characters, Death on Dangar Island delivers an up-tempo murder mystery in a contemporary Australian setting. 
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