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The Encounter (Boreal and John Grey Book 1)
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Fast-moving, funny and romantic urban fantasy – this is Episode One in the serial “Boreal and John Grey”. It is novella-length – about 70 pages.

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Centuries ago, they tried to invade us and failed. Now the elves are back.
Paranormal Bureau Agent Ella Benson knows her job: fight the Shades living between worlds and keep everyone safe. But then her partner goes missing, a mysterious guy saves her life, and increasingly dangerous creatures slip into her city. After centuries of peace, the gates beyond the Veil are opening and an old enemy is returning: the elves.
Ella needs to find her partner, uncover the identity of her savior, and find a way to stop the elves from invading again. With the world going to hell, what’s a girl to do but grab her guns and knives and figure it all out, one way or another.
Profanity warning.

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