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What readers are saying about Enza 

~ I’m not sure what to say, except it is a deeply emotional read – a book I couldn’t put down, a book that dragged me toward the end, even though I suspected I wouldn’t like it. ~ 

~ Enza..rates easily 5 stars! And yes, it is not usual to rate a book at the beginning of a review but in this instance I felt it a must! From page 1 this newly published novel will captivate your attention and like me, you will have a hard time to put it down! ~ 

~ It appears the author has done her homework in preparation for writing a compelling story. The reader knows from the start what’s coming, but cannot stop reading even to avoid the inevitable sadness. By that time, you care. They’re not characters, they’re people you know. ~ 

I had a little bird, 
And its name was Enza. 
I opened the window, 
And in-flu-Enza. 

They have no idea what’s coming… 

Patriotism is at its peak as the war to end all wars rages an ocean away. The Suffrage Movement gains momentum each day, and women across the the country harbor hope that they might finally win the right to vote. In a small town in Michigan, life is being lived out like the pages of a Mark Twain novel. 

But an unseen adversary is about to threaten Mankind’s very existence… 

Whispers of the Spanish flu begin to circulate as the sickness spreads around the globe, yet no one thinks it will reach them. And they couldn’t be more wrong. No matter what measures they take to protect themselves, it can’t be stopped. Not only does the influenza invade their town, it soon becomes evident that it will change their lives forever. 

The Characters 

Elliot Owens would do anything, even lay his life on the line to protect his 
wife and their children. But when the time comes, will the choice be his to 

Daniel Pullman’s plans to join the Army are dashed following an injury. 
Could meeting the love of his life be enough to heal his wounded soul? 

Colby Thornton, beloved by his congregation, struggles with bitterness 
toward the wife who doesn’t love him at all. The wife he wishes he’d never 

Marcus McClelland, funeral director by trade, avoids close relationships 
because if he doesn’t care about anyone, it won’t hurt when he loses them. What happens when he realizes his heart isn’t as hard as he thought it was? 

Jonathon Owens, all of ten years old, desires nothing more than to be a war 
hero, and he sets out to do that by proving that his German neighbor is a spy.
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