[Free eBook] Green Smoothie Recipes: The Green Smoothie Way to A Leaner and More Energetic You! (Green Smoothies Book 1 (1/13)

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Green Smoothie Recipes: The Green Smoothie Way to A Leaner and More Energetic You! (Green Smoothies Book 1)
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Green Smoothie Recipes – The Green Smoothie Way to A Leaner and More Energetic You!

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This book contains steps & strategies on how to how to achieve a Leaner, Healthier and More Energetic you using the Green Smoothie Cleansing Program. 

    • Are you having a hard time managing your and concerned about not having the right balance of nutrients in your daily diet?


  • Are you always feeling tired or low on energy even though you know you haven’t done much work for the day?
  • Do you have existing skin conditions that just don’t seem to go away?
  • Are you always falling sick and concerned with your immunity condition?
  • Are you worried that you will eventually contact chronic sicknesses due to not having the right dietary intake?


If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, then this Green Smoothie concept is perfect for you, as what you need to start with addressing all the concerns above is probably a Green Smoothie cleansing & detox program to purge out the toxins that have built up in your body. 

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Part 1: The Concept of Green Smoothies and the Green Smoothies Cleansing Detox Program. 

Green smoothies primarily comprise 2 components – vegetables and fruits in a certain proportion such that when they’re blended, the drink that results is a concoction rich in antioxidants, natural fibres and all the goodness organic foods have to offer. In this part of the book, you’ll learn what Green Smoothies Cleansing & Detox Programs are and how they are run. You’ll also learn the many awesome benefits of consuming the drink rich in nature’s goodness! 

Part 2: Detoxing for Maximum Effectiveness. 

In the book, there’ll be instructions on how to run the Green Smoothies Cleansing & Detox Program. To make the most out of your Green Smoothies Cleansing effort, there’re many foods that must be abstained from during this period of time else the effort would be wasted. 

Part 3: Tantalizing and Healthy Green Smoothies Recipes. 

Finally after being equipped with knowledge on how to run Green Smoothies Cleansing & Detox Programs and armed with the determination and the knowledge to make the effort, I’ll present you with different recipes of Green Smoothies to give you a variety of tastes. Each of these recipes have been carefully selected and presented to facilitate ease of learning by the reader. 

If you have a strong-will and a sense of determination to go through the Green Smoothies Cleansing & Detox Program to detoxify your body for a healthier life, let me warmly welcome you into this book and may this be the start of a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

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