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Heart Disease: The Ultimate Guide You Need To Live With A Strong And Healthy Heart
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Heart disease is one of the most prevalent conditions in the world that ultimately results to millions of death worldwide. Its physical, psychological and mental effects to the patients and their families are staggering. 
One of the most common misconceptions of people is that heart disease is an inborn disease, something that cannot be prevented. You either have it or you don’t. True, one factor of heart disease is genetics, but genetics is not the only thing at play for developing heart disease. There are several other things as well, things that we didn’t even think could be linked to heart disease. 
Another misconception about heart disease is the notion that having heart disease is the end of everything, that those who have the condition are not allowed to do anything except be at home and take their medications. 
This book aims to dispel all these misconceptions about heart disease. This book will show that heart disease can be prevented and managed by simply making a choice of living a healthy lifestyle. 
This book will provide you tips on how to avoid heart disease as well as techniques and ways on how to be committed on living a healthy lifestyle. 
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