[Free eBook] His Absolute Arrangement: A Scandalous Billionaire Love Story (Jessika, #1) (11/22)

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His Absolute Arrangement: A Scandalous Billionaire Love Story (Jessika, #1)
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I married a billionaire and now I need to deal with the consequences…

I never meant to become Jessika Landseer, wife to Asher Landseer, the young, handsome, and reclusive billionaire CEO of Landseer Enterprises.

I never meant to be involved in one of the biggest corporate scandals in history, either. My impossible feelings for a man I could never love accidentally uncovered a hidden plot to destroy his life and his business. It brought me closer to Asher than I ever expected, but… 

From USA Today Bestselling Author Cerys du Lys ~ 

It’s all in the past now. Everything happened over a year ago. The media coverage surrounding the scandal won’t stop, though. Every day I see news articles decrying me for being involved in infidelity and berating me for being a homewrecker. Despite our marriage, the press focuses on the torrid affair we had while Asher was locked into a marriage of convenience with a woman who never loved him, who tried to ruin him. 

And then the security of Landseer Enterprises is compromised. An unknown intruder took advantage of the situation and ransacked my office. It seems like everything I do is wrong, everything I say is worse, and I’m only causing problems. I want to accept Asher’s reassurances, His Absolute Arrangement, our happiness and our life together. 

They say love will find a way, but what if it doesn’t? What if the scandal that began over a year ago isn’t over, either? 

I am Jessika Landseer and this is my story. 

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