[Free eBook] His Absolute Insistence: A Scandalous Billionaire Love Story (Jessika, #2) (11/22)

Free today! “Jessika and Asher are one of my favorite couples…the story gets richer with each new story. Mystery, scandal, suspense, and so much heat! This story had it all. I love this series.”

His Absolute Insistence: A Scandalous Billionaire Love Story (Jessika, #2)
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I married a billionaire and now I need to deal with the consequences…

After a day where everything went from bad to worse, I just wanted to relax with Asher. I needed time to think, time to recover, some alone time with my husband. I know Asher loves me, and I love him; we would give each other anything. Unfortunately, neither of us can give each other more time and we’re running out of what little we have left. What comes after worse? I’m about to find out. 

From USA Today Bestselling Author Cerys du Lys ~ 

Yesterday, someone ransacked my office, leaving hate messages on my computer. An unknown intruder set Asher’s mansion on fire and framed two of our friends. I thought that was the worst of it. 

It’s not. 

I know I’ll always have Asher’s love, but I don’t know if our love can protect us anymore. First vandalism, then arson, and now someone’s leaked private videos and photos of us to the public. The intimate scenes Asher captured with his camera have taken the the world by storm. Our seductive secret, private pictures meant to honor and adore the consummation of our love are exposed by the media and mocked as indecent filth. 

I want to believe Asher. I want to trust in His Absolute Insistence. We can work through this. I refuse to let everything I value, our love and happiness, be torn apart. I can’t. 

I am Jessika Landseer and this is my story. 

(This captivating steamy contemporary romantic suspense novel contains themes of domination and submission)

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