[Free eBook] Honeysuckle Memories: A collection of short stories (1/01)

Free today! “These stories provided great reading on my last vacation. The book was not only entertaining, but also the writing was so beautifully composed and provided some delightful turns of phrase that so nicely introduced each character. Loved it!”

Honeysuckle Memories: A collection of short stories
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Honeysuckle Memories includes five short stories focused on how individuals deal with some of life’s greatest stresses. 
“Lost and Found”: a young woman returns home for Thanksgiving to face her family after the death of her mother. 
“Tilly’s Teacup”: Tilly must decide whether or not to have a surgery that will enable her to keep the life that she hates. 
“The Ten-Year God”: A woman explores the realization that she has done exactly what she swore she would never do. 
“Twenty Minutes”: This story details the dark feelings experienced when dealing with a terminally ill relative. 
“The Contamination of June Cleaver”: A sister is faced with the reality that sometimes people prefer to ignore messes rather than clean them up.
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