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Identity X
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How are you supposed to survive when you are already dead? 

Ben Stone has one aim; discover the cure for genetic disease. He watched his father die and promised himself that it would never happen again, especially to his own son. After his appointment as lead researcher in Bionics Laboratories he begins his desperate research. It takes four years, but he succeeds. He discovers NEMREC, a serum able to reconstruct DNA and cure the diseases that have driven him. It should be the beginning of a new future, but by changing the face of the world, he has unwittingly destroyed his own. 

His world falls apart 

After arriving at his laboratory to find that it has disappeared, he is sucked into a world of conspiracy and betrayal. The Agency wants NEMREC and will do anything to get it, believing it to be the most powerful scientific discovery in decades. But it wasn’t just NEMREC that they wanted. The Agency wanted Ben dead, but somehow he survived. His best friend, his wife, and Ami, the beautiful scientist who he has fallen for at work all offer to help him, but each has a different version of the truth. They all have their own agenda, only one of them wants what he wants, and in a world where you are already dead, how is it that you are supposed to survive? 

What are people saying about it? 

Wow! This is what I found myself repeating to myself while getting lost in this chair gripping book of suspense! Sarah’s book blog 

In four words, A BLOODY GOOD BOOK. Goodreads reviewer 

With a good dose of Alfred Hitchcock thrown in for good measure and maybe a little A. Huxley too. Move over Ludlum and Bagely, now we need some room on the shelf for Muckley. Goodreads reviewer 

If I compared the story to an amusement park ride – it would be a roller coaster! It was suspenseful – full of twists and turns and I loved it! D.S.McKnight, dsmcknight.blogspot.com 

You may want to set up a safe house in case the same thing happens to you. Goodreads reviewer 

Muckley’s books have a good sense of pace and the tension built to a fever pitch, peaking at the right moment. Goodreads reviewer 

She definitely has the gift of storytelling. Goodreads reviewer
Today’s Price: $.00

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