[Free eBook] Illusion (1/05)

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When Max Garrett and Harry Stokes make an ill-fated discovery, they immediately become the target of a corporation’s revenge. Vital500, a very profitable product with an unfortunate side effect, is destined to cause the untimely death of millions. 

Max is willing to carry Wholegrains’ secret to the grave in exchange for his family’s safety. After witnessing his employer’s wrath first hand, Max stages his own death, hoping that Wholegrains buys into the illusion that the knowledge of their deadly scheme has disintegrated to ash. Max becomes well hidden in the vastness of Mexico. 

But all is not quiet on the eastern front, as the CEO of Wholegrains, Bradley Diamond, becomes obsessed with eliminating the only remaining link to a lethal plan. 

While millions of people innocently continue on the path to their own demise, Wholegrains seems to be unstoppable, until….
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