[Free eBook] Indian Food Cookbook:The Taste of Southern India: A culinary journey through recipes and landscapes (culinary journey cookbooks Book 2) (12/28)

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Indian Food Cookbook:The Taste of Southern India: A culinary journey through recipes and landscapes (culinary journey cookbooks Book 2)
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Another book from the best seller cookbooks series:”A Culinary Journey – a journey between landscapes and recipes”

And this time – SOUTH INDIA
South India offers its visitors landscapes, cultures, tastes and smells. 
One of the most interesting ways to get to know India is through its kitchen. 
South Indian dishes are based on legumes and vegetables, sometimes meat, accompanied with bread or rice and rich sauces. The food is Well-seasoned with a variety of spices, usually served with yogurt that is used as a moderating influence. 
The Tropical climate in the south, abundant rainfall and proximity to the sea, are the reason for a continuing supply of vegetables, fruit, rice and fruit – Coconut growing in abundance is a main component of the South Indian kitchen. 
The southern Indian dishes has a wonderful taste and a nutritional value since the use of spices and fresh fruits and vegetables, makes the dishes easy to digest. 
During my Journey to India I discovered that Indians takes cooking very seriously and they consider it a form of art. Thought and patience are invested in every stew or baked dish; The South Indian food is not only delicious, it is also not that hard to prepare as you might tend to think. All you have to do is to open your mind and devote yourself to a different kind of smell, spices and tastes. 
If you do this I guarantee that you will discover stunning flavors in your kitchen. 
I want to take you on a culinary journey through recipes and landscapes that will give you a deeper glance on south India with The 50 best recipes of the region, gathered especially for you. 
This is not a regular Indian cookbook; Most eastern cookbooks are either inaccessible to the common western reader, or they become “Americanized” in a way that the ingredients are replaced with western ingredients, making the recipes very different from their source.
I choose to keep the recipes authentic, as I got them from the local people of south India. Along with that, I attached detailed instructions, tips and an Ingredients chapter, explaining about each ingredient and suggesting a reasonable, natural substitute in case one of the ingredients is missing.
In doing so, I have created this cookbook to be great for all levels of Foodies. 

The recipes in this book are divided to 6 categories:
1. Vegetarian Delights
2. Non-Vegetarian Fare
3. Rice and Other Grains
4. Delectable Desserts
5. Quick and easy (less than 30 minutes)
6. Salads and Beverages

Wishing you a delicious and spiritual journey. 

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