[Free eBook] Mexican Recipes: 30 Quick & Easy Mexican Recipes for Authentic Mexican Cooking. An Illustrated Cookbook of Favorite Mexican Cuisine (11/21)

Free today! “There are lots of delicious Mexican recipes in this book. My favorites so far are the pork fajitas, cheese and bean quesadillas and tomato mango salsa. I am looking forward to trying them all.”

Mexican Recipes: 30 Quick & Easy Mexican Recipes for Authentic Mexican Cooking. An Illustrated Cookbook of Favorite Mexican Cuisine
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This Mexican cookbook is packed with delicious easy to make Mexican meal ideas. Each recipe is accompanied by a picture so you can see what the finished recipe will look like. Measurements are in both imperial and metric so the book is user friendly, no matter where you live in the world! 
When many people think of Mexican food, they think of fast food and nachos smothered in cheese for example. However, true Mexican food is quite different. We will get a harmonious balance between quick and easy Mexican recipes while still maintaining tasty, health conscious ingredients. 

Foods like burritos, nachos, salsa and chimichangas, have opened our minds and hearts to experience authentic Mexican cuisine. There is a mixture of colors and flavors from the quick and easy to the more complex dishes. This book will explore traditional Mexican recipes, but at the same time offer recipe ideas that are easy for people to achieve in their own home without a pantry full of specific Mexican ingredients. 

Whether it’s a crockpot meal like Slow Cooker Chili Beef, quick to prepare Mexican Tostadas for lunch, or the interesting chocolate twist in a Chicken Mole, there is something for everyone’s palette. Salsas are very popular and also very flexible what ingredients you put in them…great as a classic Mexican snack, or as a side meal accompaniment. 
Here is a snapshot of the Mexican recipes you will find inside: 
• Mexican Food Introduction 
• Mexican Food Staples Checklist 
• Cheese and Bean Quesadilla 
• Albondigas 
• Tamales 
• Chipotle Pecans 
• Banana Mango Batidos 
• Chicken Vegetable Empanadas 
• Homemade Taco Seasoning 
• Easy Taquitos 
• Mexican Tostadas 
• Pork Fajitas 
• Fresh Shrimp and Avocado 
• Mango Tomato Salsa 
• Mexican Vegetable Fritters 
• Quick Ground Beef Tacos 
• Chicken Mole 
• Slow Cooker Chili Beef 
• Guacamole 
• Quick Chili Con Carne 
• Stuffed Bell Peppers 
• Pico De Gallo 
• Shrimp Citrus Salsa 
• Black Bean Salad 
• Mushroom Cups 
• Simple Salsa 
• Flour Tortillas 
• Crockpot Chick Pea and Bean Soup 
• Crockpot Chili Chicken & Olives 
• Enchiladas 
• Mexican Style Rice 
• Arroz Con Leche 
• Mexican Wedding Cookies 
Today’s Price: $.00

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