[Free eBook] Minimalist Living: Adapting a Modern Approach to Mininimalist Living (Happy, Simple, Living Book 3) (12/22)

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Minimalist Living: Adapting a Modern Approach to Mininimalist Living (Happy, Simple, Living Book 3)
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ind Happiness Today by Understanding Modern Minimalist Living!

Are you looking for a more simple life filled with happiness? Are you wondering why you are struggling to find that happiness? Maybe you have contemplated adopting the principles of minimalism, but were turned off by the strict or more extreme life changes that are often suggested. Well, Tyler Logan is back with his third book in his minimalist series on how to adapt minimalism for todays modern world! 

This book offers a broader perspective on a lifestyle that keeps your needs and requirements in consideration, while offering insight into how to take full charge of your life. 

The best part about minimalism is that you get to decide the rules. You can determine what you do and do not want to own. It is not a cult group that gathers every week to follow a specific set of rituals to be ‘cleansed’ enough to proclaim minimalism. You are your own and are the only decision maker of just how much of a simpler life you’d like to adapt. 

We will cover the following in this latest addition to the Minimalist Series: 

  • Understanding the broader meaning of minimalism.

  • Assessing your and your family’s needs.

  • How to adapt minimalism at your own pace and preferences.

  • Taking control of the items you own and those you purchase.

  • Managing finances.

  • Managing relationships, hobbies, and luxuries through minimalism.

Thank you for downloading and good luck with your journey!

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