[Free eBook] My Christmas Curse (11/26)

Free today! “I love Mrs. Gable’s stories and this one did not disappoint!!!!! I appreciated how she wove the little life lessons and “be thankful” components into each of Meg’s columns. This is a beautiful reminder of the spirit of the season!!! Even after Christmas it’s worth the read!”

My Christmas Curse
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Bad luck has never been so much fun. 

One Amazon Reviewer Praises… 

“If you want a funny, happy, and inspiring story that gives you hope and a laugh read this book.” 


Imagine sharing your unluckiest Christmas memories with the world – and rewriting history. 

That’s exactly what Megan Blake does in MY CHRISTMAS CURSE when she agrees to write a daily Christmas column chronicling her past misfortunes. 

As Christmas and her trip home to Indiana near, Meg waits for her Christmas Curse to strike again. Or has it already, causing her father’s depression? In the meantime, her walk down memory lane is conjuring up startling revelations about her present. 

She discovers that there is more to her mother than just being a parent. As Meg and her mom bridge their generation gap, can these two women help with her father’s depression? 

When she learns that Crush—the first boy she ever liked—will also be in Indiana for the holidays, she can’t help but wonder if he’s still single or happily married with children. Will Crush turn out to be as meaningless as her ex-boyfriends of Christmas past? 

Will her blasts from the past leave her questioning her future? 

What readers are saying about MY CHRISTMAS CURSE… 

“I enjoyed the simple story. Kind, thoughtful, and dreamy Meg captured my heart.” 

“Heartwarming, laugh filled, and an excellent reminder to count your blessings and not sweat the small stuff.” 

Reminisce with Meg as she reflects on her Christmas Curse. 
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