[Free eBook] Olive Oil: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know Learn About Olive Oil In 30 Minutes (Essential Oils – Weight Loss – Heart Healthy – Organic – Olives) (12/02)

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Olive Oil: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know Learn About Olive Oil In 30 Minutes (Essential Oils – Weight Loss – Heart Healthy – Organic – Olives)
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All You Need To Know About Olive Oil in Just 30 Minute.

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Learn The Numerous Health Benefits Of Olive Oil to Improve Your Life 

Olive oil has been considered as the richest gift that nature has provided us. It is proclaimed as one of the healthiest foods on planet earth. 

This short guide on olive oil tells you all that you wanted to know about this liquid gold. Use it for health, beauty or taste – this book explains how! 

The book begins with an introduction to olive oil and explains why extra virgin olive oil is considered the best. You then get to understand the many benefits of this oil along with a summary of facts. You also get the olive oil tasting guide that can equip you with the best tasting skills aimed at helping you judge the quality of oil. 

You also get an understanding of all the popular myths associated with this oil along with a logical scientific explanation to the reality. 

The last chapter is aimed at helping you choose the best olive oils through impactful practical tips. 

Are you ready to tap into the numerous benefits that this oil offers? 

Read on uncover the amazing mystery of the wonderful miracle called olive oil … 

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What You’ll Know from “Olive Oil”

• Olive Oil: Understanding the Basics 
• The Process of Olive Oil Production 
• And What Would You Mean By Refined And Unrefined Olive Oils? 
• Other Grades of Olive Oil 
• Why Should You Use Olive Oil? 
• Health Benefits of Olive Oil 
• Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil 
• And Now, Some More Uses Of Olive Oil! 
• Impact of Packaging on the Quality of Olive Oil 
• Olive Oil: Quick Summary or Facts to Know! 
• Tasting Olive Oil 
• Storing and Freezing Your Olive Oil 
• A Few Myths Related To Freezing 
• Other Olive Oil Myths 
• Choosing the Best Olive Oil 

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