[Free eBook] Piddles the Penguin – A funny wee eBook for kids (1/01)

Free today! “”Piddles the Penguin – A funny wee eBook for kids” is absolutely hilarious – it is clever and extremely funny!”

Piddles the Penguin – A funny wee eBook for kids
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One afternoon, at half past four, 
A penguin knocked on my front door. 
“My name is Piddles,” he said to me, 
“Let me in. I need a pee!” 

Another charming rhyming tale from the bestselling pen of International Poet and Part Time Cheesemonger, Otto Fishblanket. This is sure to delight children everywhere with it’s copious references to “wee”, “piddle” and “widdle”. Unfortunately, it is illustrated by Gerald Hawksley, but you can’t have everything. 

“Twenty Two Stars! This is the best book I have ever read in my entire life!” – Olivia Fishblanket. 

“Thanks, Mom!” – Otto Fishblanket 

“Well, I haven’t really read it, but I am sure it is very good.” – Olivia Fishblanket
Today’s Price: $.00

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