[Free eBook] Pie Lovers Cookbook: Delicious Quick & Easy Pies Recipes for Newbies to Foodies (12/27)

Free today! “Oh boy who doesn’t love pie. Really it is great on its own or with ice cream. I loved the fact there are pie crust recipes at the beginning meaning you can fill it with whatever you want.”

Pie Lovers Cookbook: Delicious Quick & Easy Pies Recipes for Newbies to Foodies
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re you one of the many people who have always fancied the idea of making pies but not quite sure where to begin? Do debates over how to get the perfect crust or whether to use butter or lard make you want to run and hide? If yes then you don’t need to look further! 

All you need is a sweet tooth and some patience and you could be making delicious and yummy homemade pies in no time!

Pie Lovers Cookbook, by Amazon Best Seller Author Stella Bright, comes bearing a plethora of delicious and yummy homemade pie recipes. Each of the recipes included in the book are planned and written in a way that even a beginner can easily master the art of making pies. 

Stella has even included the tips and tricks of her mother and grandmother to assist even the novice pie maker, or enlighten the veteran pie master!

Pie Lover’s Cookbook provides:

  • Step by step instructions for each recipe.


  • Chapter devoted just to pastry crust including delicious crust recipes presented in detail.


  • 23 tantalizing recipes that will please the pickest family and friends.


  • A wide variety of recipes from fruit pies to savory pies.


  • 26 of Stella’s family secrets to fantastic pies.
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