[Free eBook] Promises to Keep (12/01)

Free today! “I absolutely Loved this book! From the war front in Iraq to the Epilogue, I was just captivated. The writing was so spot on perfect, I felt like I was right there with Jack and Bob.”

Promises to Keep
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As the only ER doctor this side of Fallujah, Iraq, Jack Curren is a very busy man. 

When he’s unable to save the life of his wounded medic, the soldier’s dying request is for Jack to personally deliver his wedding ring to Laura, his newlywed bride. 

He vows to do so the moment he returns home. 

Jack’s been through Hell on earth, while Laura’s a feisty, stubborn survivor of her own personal Hell. She’s got a mind of her own, and she’s no victim—but what is she so afraid of? 

Despite their growing attraction, there’s just one thing the young widow doesn’t know about her husband’s death: 

Jack Curren is the one who got him killed.
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