[Free eBook] Saint Nicholas, the Christmas Story (12/21)

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Saint Nicholas, the Christmas Story
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From his early days as a monk working with orphans, to his final days as Bishop, this historical fiction fantasy novel details the life of the true Saint Nicholas, as never told before. 

In an effort to help the poor in Asia Minor, Nicholas makes a risky trip to Byzantium (soon to be Constantinople), but finds himself evading the evil Emperor, Diocletian, who tracks him down across the Middle East. 

Escaping to the mountains east of Byzantium and north of Myra, Nicholas finds a winter wonderland where a community of dwarfs live to escape cruel treatment from Rome. The little people are gifted craftsmen and entrepreneurs. The Bishop also falls in love with a beautiful woman, challenging him with the choice of leaving a life of celibacy for an intimacy of a more earthly kind. 

The Bishop discovers his monastery burned by Roman soldiers upon his return, and is later turned in by the Cardinal himself. 

Imprisoned and sentenced to death, his only hope is the successor to Diocletian, the warrior Constantine. 

More than just an adventurous love story, SAINT NICHOLAS, THE CHRISTMAS STORY comes alive with the spirit of Christmas as we follow the world’s greatest gift-giver, reminding us what giving is really about. 

Penned “the next Christmas Classic,” you’ll be glad to add Saint Nicholas, the Christmas Story to your collection.
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