[Free eBook] Sarina’s Nightmare: A Sci-Fi Parallel Universe Adventure (The Dreamer Chronicles – Science Fiction For Kids And Adults Book 1) (12/18)

Free today! “I loved Sarina’s Nightmare, captivating enough to keep a pre-teen’s interest and clever enough to keep an adult reader on their toes! ”

Sarina’s Nightmare: A Sci-Fi Parallel Universe Adventure (The Dreamer Chronicles – Science Fiction For Kids And Adults Book 1)
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A Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventure Series across Parallel Universes – loved by kids aged 9+ and adults alike!

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A spirited young girl dreams of winning a prestigious art competition, and accidentally discovers a parallel world in peril.

The novel is a very skilful weave of two parallel worlds populated by interesting characters who come together to battle an evil overlord. The plot cleverly moves characters between these parallel worlds and masterfully intertwines science and art to create magic which gives the novel a real WOW factor. Sarina’s Nightmare is fast-moving, uses language beautifully and has a unique blend of science and fantasy. Looking forward to the second chronicle!”– Fran B.

Sarina, 12, has one ambition: To win The National Young Artists Breakthrough Competition and gain an invite to an exclusive art school. But the Principal at her junior high school has demanded she pass a math assessment, or he will block her entry.

Sarina is hopeless at math … and it shows. Her feeble attempts are already being ridiculed by the class math whizz, Nathan, and the stress is getting to her. What is making it all worse … much worse … are the persistent and troubling dreams of a deaf mute boy from a parallel universe.

A sudden turn of events places her competition entry in jeopardy and plunges her into the other world, where she discovers she has strange powers … and a fearsome enemy.

Sarina must battle a menacing sorcerer; a sadistic, giant, bird-like creature – and her own doubt – to save a boy and his village, and risk sacrificing her own dream of becoming a successful artist.

What she doesn’t know is that her math nemesis, Nathan, is also dreaming of the boy and his village … and that they will soon be thrown together in a desperate race to save the parallel world … and their own lives.

A compelling science fiction fantasy, loved by kids and adults, young and old – you won’t want to put it down!

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