[Free eBook] Serenitee and Sam: First Day At Daycare (Going To Daycare Book 1) (11/28)

Free today! “Really cute book that helps children realize that sometimes what seems scary can actually be fun and magical.”

Serenitee and Sam: First Day At Daycare (Going To Daycare Book 1)
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Serenitee and her best friend Sam are faced with going to daycare. Serenitee mom is going back to work and Serenitee has to go to daycare. Serenitee tells her best friend Sam that she is not sure about going to daycare. Sam is a stuff dog that Serenitee confides in. Serenitee tells Sam everything that makes her happy and sad. Will Serenitee like daycare will they find new friends? Will the daycare teacher be nice? These question will be answer in the book. Catherine heart go’s out to any child, parent’s and caregiver’s that is face with going to daycare. As a parent or caregiver this one of the hardest thing to do. To leave your child in the care of someone else. For the child to have your parent or caregiver leave you in daycare can be very upsetting. In this book Serenitee and Sam will share their story about daycare. Catherine hope’s is this book will help children overcome their worries of leaving their parent’s or caregiver’s for the first time.Helping them to adjust to new changes.To discover that daycare can be fun.
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