[Free eBook] Shrovetide (The Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival Book 1) (1/21)

Free today! “What a great read! The mysterious, fast-paced story kept me turning one page after another while the characters (especially Saul) drew me in close to the action to enjoy all of the fun little details. ”

Shrovetide (The Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival Book 1)
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A fire-slinging magician, a machine gun-wielding strongman, and a mysterious, tattooed gypsy; These three men make up the Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival’s “charity division”. Using their unique skill sets, the charity division members will help anyone who is in need and have nowhere else to turn. But, after arriving in a small town in upstate Ohio during the late winter of 1955, the carnival men are tested like never before. A Satanic cult is attempting to summon a demonic force into the mortal realm, and the police and town council are in on the plan. Will the magician, the strongman, and the gypsy be able to put a stop to it?
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