[Free eBook] Slow Cooker Wanderlust: 101 Adventurous and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World (12/14)

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Slow Cooker Wanderlust: 101 Adventurous and Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes from Around the World
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There’s nothing quite like preparing a meal in a Slow Cooker. Whether it be a succulent roast, a chunky soup or a tender-to-the-tastebuds stew, a Slow Cooker can fill your kitchen with a delicious aroma, and the tantalizing flavors of a dish left to simmer away all day can elevate your senses to magnificent heights. 

Slow Cooker Wanderlust was created by Sally Viviani, globetrotting traveler, accomplished cook and lover of all things Slow Cooking, and encourages us to expand our horizons, introducing a whole new world of Slow Cooking international creations! 

Food is such a cornerstone of a memorable travel experience. In Slow Cooker Wanderlust, Sally has combined her passion for adventure with an exploration into regional and traditional dishes from all around the world, creating many gastronomic delights that work in wonderful symbiosis with the art of Slow Cooking. 

The culmination of these experiences and recipes are presented here, inspired by flavors from just about every continent, including Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, the Islands of the Ocean and more, replete with complexity of taste, and offset by a beautiful simplicity in preparation. 

Savor the authentic flavors of an old fashioned Hungarian Goulash. Let the delicate spices of an Indian Curry assault your senses. Or perhaps, introduce your family to an exotic Caribbean Chicken or a slowly cooked Jambalaya! 

Slow Cooker Wanderlust contains 101 recipes from all across our diverse and amazing planet, along with easy-to-follow instructions designed to create a mouth-watering selection of meals destined to transport you on an exotic journey with every bite. 

Adventure is waiting for you in Slow Cooker Wanderlust!
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