[Free eBook] Tahoe Ghost Boat (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 12) (12/25)

Free today! “I love this series! You want to start at the first book and read them in order because the stories flow into one another. This author is well informed, has humor mixed in with suspense. I learned something new in every book.”

Tahoe Ghost Boat (An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Book 12)
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The Girl Is Effervescent With Life 

Gertie O’Leary is a 15-year-old girl with a messy bird’s nest of red hair, a serious softball pitch, and a dream to be a movie director. She also has a $2 million price on her head. 

But Somebody Wants Her Dead 

When a gang led by a killer the FBI calls Mikhailo the Monster takes Gertie as the centerpiece of an extortion plot, Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna gets involved in the case. 

Her Parents Don’t Care What Happens 

McKenna finds out that Gertie’s stepfather has just died in what looks like a boating accident and that Gertie’s mother cares more about not losing money to blackmail than saving her daughter. 

It Looks Like Detective McKenna Can’t Save Her 

As the unwanted child of divorced, self-focused parents, Gertie has no defenders. So McKenna appoints himself her savior. But McKenna is one man up against a small army of twisted murderers whose orders are to kill the girl…
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