[Free eBook] Terra Incognita: The Abyss (1/07)

Free today! “How would you like to open a book and walk into another realm? While reading this book, I followed young Ben on such a journey and let me tell you, the fun is just starting because this books ends and leaves you hanging on for more!”

Terra Incognita: The Abyss
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Benjamin was an unremarkable teenager, a nobody with few meaningful ties in his life. Keeping to himself, he found a life of vicarious adventure in his books. This worked out well until he found a different type of book; one filled with stories of demons and dark magic. Before he knew it, this powerful tome had pulled him into another world. It isn’t long before Ben was thrust on a quest for a set of magical items that would help him get home. Journey by his side on this whirlwind trip as he travels to Eden and Atlantis; scraping and scrounging to survive long enough to save this unfamiliar world from an awakening evil that’s older than the stars themselves.
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