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The Alabaster Girl
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“Sit back and relax… I will sing you the song of women. 
What women? you ask. 
All women, I answer. 
Even me? you ask. 
Especially you, I answer. 
And what will you sing to me? you ask. 
Ah, my love, I will sing to you of hidden truths 
Yes, hidden truths and secret secrets…” 

Description: On a nameless train somewhere between here and nowhere, a woman and a man sit facing each other. She is a journalist there to interview him. He is the world’s greatest seducer. Thus begins “The Alabaster Girl,” the sensational new novel by Zan Perrion. We get to join the two on this train ride, a fly on the wall, as the seducer recounts his life, philosophy and startling insights, interspersed with excerpts from his new book: “The Alabaster Girl.” The book within the book. 

The Way of Beauty 
The Way of Seduction 
The Way of Discovery 
The Way of the Natural 
The Way of Men 
The Way of Women 
The Way of Love 
The Way of Salvation 
The Way of Beauty 

“… a richly compelling, beautifully poetic journey into the heart of relationships… an astonishingly insightful guide to the paradoxes of love. This opus is best relished in small sips, allowing time for its many a-ha moments to weave themselves into your own tapestry of self-discovery. Highly recommended!” – Steve Pavlina
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