[Free eBook] The Magical Christmas Reindeer: A Story of Love, Faith & Friendship (12/11)

Free today! “This is a great little book to show the real magic of Christmas. Love and giving. I highly recommend this book to read to your children this Christmas. Children who can read will find this an easy story.”

The Magical Christmas Reindeer: A Story of Love, Faith & Friendship
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This is the story of a young boy named Andy who stumbles upon and befriends a Magical Reindeer stranded in the woods behind his house. Sadly, the reindeer has lost her magic and is unable to fly. With Christmas just days away, Andy must work quickly to restore the reindeer’s magic so she can return home. Andy’s task is made more complicated by an unfriendly neighbor named Mr. Solite who suspects that a Magical Reindeer is in the woods. The reindeer fears that Mr. Solite could be dangerous, and Andy knows he must protect her. 

Andy learns to communicate with the reindeer and discovers the secret formula that enables Magical Reindeer to fly. Andy relies on his wit, his heart, and clues from the Magical Reindeer in order to discover the secret that makes all Christmas Magic possible. 

Read this with your children or gift it to children you know. Children and parents will enjoy reading this story together and find a delightful message in this tale where Andy learns that anybody, even a regular boy, can create Christmas Magic. 

PS: Based on feedback I’ve received from readers, I’ve added new illustrations to the book.
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