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The Strontian Factor: A Lethal Deception.
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re-release review from Meghan a TOP 500 REVIEWER 

Mason Forbes’ ‘The Strontian Factor’ brings the reader to a familiar territory—one that earlier writers like Robert Ludlum had structured and crafted. But to say that Forbes’ book “is like Ludlum’s” does not do it justice, as Forbes has his own literary style—his writing is as crisp and sharp as a broadsword, Forbes is clearly a seasoned author in complete control of his powers. And it’s most obvious on every page of this book. 

At the heart of ‘The Strontian Factor’ is Jamie Strachan’s struggle to come to terms with the deaths of people close to him. But even as he attends his brother-in-law’s funeral, Strachan wastes no time in trying to connect the dots, poking his nimble mind-fingers into what doesn’t seem to make sense—that is, until a suspicious accident occurs and sets off his internal alarm. Someone’s out to kill another of the few people closest to his heart, and Strachan must know why—and how—in order to stop it in its tracks—only it’s so much bigger than his own personal affairs. And from here on the cascade of consequences will grip you and compel you to keep on turning the pages. 

Forbes has the uncanny knack for “weaving” intricate narrative threads together, cleverly herding them all to a single gestalt. It’s almost breathtaking to “watch” this take place: from Strachan to Clive Patterson’s team to the many ordinary lives that serve as collateral damage yet still enrich and “humanize” and make the story much more believable—and therefore lends it that all-important emotional gravitas. 

Overall, ‘The Strontian Factor’ is an instant classic suspense thriller—everything you’ve ever liked about seemingly unstoppable villains, cleverly written with believable characters, and the tight sinew of suspense and layer of mystery that strongly hold the plot together—it’s all here. But as the book is not really the sum of its parts, I’ll just emphasize: this is a hugely entertaining book. Fans of the genre will “devour” every word of this book as it deserves all the five-star ratings it eventually gets.
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