[Free eBook] Under a Raging Moon: Part One (A Werewolf Romance for Three Book 1) (11/25)

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Under a Raging Moon: Part One (A Werewolf Romance for Three Book 1)
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Piper Wainwright’s only interest in Kale Morgan is to seduce and manipulate him. She’s here to find a priceless necklace and steal it. Yeah, she’s a thief. It’s not the most glamorous of occupations, but it pays the bills. Besides, Piper left innocence behind a long time ago, the night the wolf inside her burst out and caused pain and mayhem. This is who she is now. No apologies. 

There’s only one problem with Kale. He’s not cooperating. He’s cold and aloof, seemingly impervious to her charms. 

And Piper’s finding herself annoyingly distracted by Hudson Slade, whose brawny warmth is the complete opposite of Kale’s icy control. 

Little does she know that she’s stumbled into a complicated web of old wounds and jealousy. Or that she’s about to become a pawn in this town’s werewolf politics. 

Under a Raging Moon is a serial novel involving sexual and polyamorous content. It’s being published in three parts. This first part is 11,000 words or approximately 30 printed pages.
Today’s Price: $.00

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