[Free eBook] Whirlwind (An Elemental Series Book 1) (11/21)

Free today! “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to get the next one. I love books about magic and things like it. Coming of age and into your own power for Aira is really great. And the love triangle? Love it!”

Whirlwind (An Elemental Series Book 1)
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WHIRLWIND is part one of a 5-part fantasy romance serial.

Aira has always known that on her 23rd birthday her powers as an elemental would come into full bloom. But she didn’t know of her grandmother’s plans for an arranged marriage. The rationale? Marriage will protect Aira from those who want her dead or under their control. She’s even got two candidates lined up-Dylan and Aiden, two brothers who have “volunteered” to protect Aira as she comes into her full transformation. There’s no doubt the brothers are jump alive gorgeous, but how much danger, really, could she be in-unless she counted the handsome brothers and the danger they present to her heart and hormones?

Titles in An Elemental Series include:

  • #1 – WHIRLWIND
  • #2 – BLAZE
  • #3 – WHITECAP
  • #4 – CYCLONE
  • #5 – INFERNO (coming soon)
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