[Free today] The Awakening (The Awakening Series Book 1) (1/04)

Free today! “This book is brilliant! I found myself reading 3 or 4 chapters when I promised myself I was just going to read 1. The concept and ideas behind this book are quite thought provoking; and the characters actions and reactions believable.”

The Awakening (The Awakening Series Book 1)
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THE AWAKENING: “a…gem of a thriller with a huge concept that rivals Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code” 

Tara Spencer’s mysterious pregnancy causes her family and fiancé to turn against her and sidetracks her plans for medical school. Only a stranger, Cyril Woods, believes her claim that she’s still a virgin. The religious order that Cyril belongs to thinks Tara’s child may be a new messiah. But when Tara discovers the baby will be a girl, the order sees her as the mother of the anti-Christ who must be destroyed before she triggers the first stage of the Apocalypse. Tara fights for her life, seeking a safe place to give birth, and the answer to whether she and her child are meant to save the world or destroy it.
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