Bertrand Court

Bertrand Court is a captivating novel told in story form, intertwining seventeen luminous narratives about the secrets of a cast of politicos, filmmakers, and housewives, all tied to a suburban Washington, DC, cul-de-sac. Linked through bloodlines and grocery lines, they respond to life's bruises by grabbing power, sex, or the family silver. As they atone and forgive, they unmask the love and truth that hop white picket fences.

Michelle Brafman is the author of the novel Washing the Dead. Her short fiction and essays have appeared in Slate, Tablet, the Washington Post, Lilith, the the minnesota review, and elsewhere. She teaches fiction writing at the Johns Hopkins University MA in Writing Program and lives with her family in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Dark Angel (Lassiter/Martinez Case Files Book 2)

“Relentless from start to finish. Badal just gets better and better.”
—David Morrell, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Murder As a Fine Art”

In “Dark Angel,” the second in the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files series, Detectives Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez pick up where they left off in “Borderline.” Assigned to a murder case, they discover that their suspect is much more than a one-off killer. In fact, the murderer appears to be a vigilante hell-bent on taking revenge against career criminals who the criminal justice system has failed to punish.
But Lassiter and Martinez are soon caught up in the middle of an FBI investigation of a monstrous home invasion gang that has murdered dozens of innocent victims across the United States. When they discover a link between their vigilante killer and the home invasion crew, they come into conflict with powerful men in the FBI who are motivated more by career self-preservation than by bringing justice to innocent victims.
Award-Winning and best-selling author Joseph Badal presents another intricate, tension-filled mystery that puts readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last, and will have them demanding more Lassiter/Martinez stories.

“Great characters, action and plotting. ‘Dark Angel’ is a real winner!”
—Paul Kemprecos, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Minoan Cipher”

Lyric’s Curse (Dragonblood Sagas Book 1)

When a young crippled orphan finds himself caught on the wrong side of town by a group of highborn youths, his life is forever changed. Left for dead after a vicious attack, Lyric finds himself in the care of a witch. One who knows more about him than he does.

With the old witch's help, Lyric will learn his true place in life, one far more interesting and dangerous than his old life as a street rat. Lyric will meet two young women who play intricate roles in deciding his future, will it be love or destiny? All the while a dark shadow is crossing the land ...

Dragons have returned.

Building Celebration House (The Celebration House Trilogy Book 1)

Carrie Hansen spent her life caring for cardiac patients. Little did she know she would become a patient herself. After recovering from her own heart surgery, she learns she has a special talent: the ability to see and talk with the dead.
Now, with her new heart failing her, she leaves the bustle of Seattle behind and returns to Lexington, Missouri, the small town where she spent her childhood. Here, she sets out to restore an abandoned antebellum mansion and open it as a venue for celebrations.
Carrie’s work is cut out for her. The 150-year-old Greek revival house is in need of serious repair. Her sister, Melanie, tries to bully Carrie into returning to Seattle, predicting “her little project” is doomed to fail. Finally, Carrie’s health gives out on her, requiring emergency surgery.
But she will not give up. Carrie’s unique gift allows her to build relationships with the mansion’s ghostly occupants, especially Maj. Tom Gentry, the handsome Civil War soldier who died 100 years before Carrie was born.
Will Carrie finish restoring the celebration house or will it finish her? And how can she plan a future with a man who has only a past?

Low-Fat Snacks: Easy Rich and Savory Snack Recipes for any Occasion (Leanne’s Quick and Easy Kitchen)

About Low-Fat Snacks

Seeing the title of this book can be a relief to some and an annoyance to others. For one group of people, finding snacks that are low in fat while not compromising on taste is an extremely difficult task. For another group, it can be an annoying attack on all those snacks that we’ve come to love over the years. Although this book may be targeted to that first group of people, I’m hoping that after seeing the delicious looking snack on the cover, I might be able to swing a couple of people from that second group over.

Snacking is a regular part of almost everyone’s day already and many people often snack more than once per day. The fact that snacking is such an important part of almost everyone’s daily routine means that what may initially seem like a handful or a very small serving of a particular snack can turn into a pretty significant boost or anchor on your health.

Eating low fat snacks instead of indulging in a baked good like a Krispy Kreme doughnut or some fried food from In-N-Out Burger will significantly reduce the risk of getting heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Instead of giving into the craving of a highly processed or fatty snack, try a recipe from Low-Fat Snacks and see how easy it can be to enjoy a guilt free treat.

We also offer some information for people on the Paleo diet, the Gluten-Free diet, as well as those who are Vegetarian or Vegan.

Some snacks you will find in this book include:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Bread
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Quinoa Bites
  • Homemade Bits and Bites
  • Tofu Pudding
  • Cheesy Crackers
  • Apple Pie Popcorn Balls
  • Peanut Butter Banana Bites
  • Sweet Potato Latkes
  • Chocolate Chip Blondies
  • Espresso Meringues
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Meringues
  • Goat Cheese Bruschetta
  • Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites
  • Any Berry Smoothie
  • Witch’s Brew Smoothie
  • Strawberry Crostini
  • S’mores Berries
  • Cinnamon Spice Muffins
  • Sriracha and Lime Chickpeas
  • Strawberry Cacao Nib Parfait
  • Garam Masala Chickpeas
  • Sweet Potato Tots
  • Raspberry Milkshake
  • Sweet Potato and Apple Chips

Hope you enjoy!

Heather in the Mist

Forced to wed to save her clan, Lady Rogan Cameron agrees to wed without love.
What her father doesn’t know is Lady Rogan has plans of her own—plans to keep her from a loveless marriage. Can she save the clan before she has to say “I do?”

Ian Albright abolished all ties to Scotland after his family betrayed him and he is now nursing a wounded ego due to an unfaithful fiancée. He pledges never to return to his home until the fateful day he accepts an invitation to his dear cousin’s wedding. The minute he sees his cousin’s betrothed, his heart is captured. If only she didn’t belong to another . . .

Lady Rogan and Ian have known each other since they were young and bent on vexing each other. Now, the only thing they find vexing is the fact Rogan is betrothed to another. Together they fight their growing attraction while investigating the forces bedeviling the clan. Yet at every turn their foe appears and wreaks havoc. When tragedy strikes, their hopes are dashed again.

Can Lady Rogan and Ian’s love win when fate seems determined to keep them apart?

Moving Can Be Murder (A Baby Boomer Mystery Book 2)

A Baby Boomer Mystery by the author of Retirement Can Be Murder. Empty nester Carol Andrews would prefer leaving her beautiful antique home in Fairport, Connecticut, "feet first" to selling it and moving on. But her Beloved Husband Jim convinces her that a nearby active adult community is the est fit for them at this time of life. Their house sells, and Carol returns alone the night beforre the closing for a "pity party" farewell tour. And discovers the dead body of the buyer in her living room. Wow. Talk about seller's remorse!

FREE Book of the Day! A Ton of Gold (Crystal Moore Suspense Book 1)

A 178 year-old folktale causes murder, kidnapping, and arson in 2012 Texas. A contemporary suspense novel, in which Crystal Moore, a young computer scientist, is dragged into danger when thugs set out to kill her only living relative, the 76 year-old grandmother who raised her. Crystal has no idea who would want to harm her grandmother, or why. In the midst of murder, arson, and kidnapping, the man who nearly destroyed Crystal emotionally is coming back. This time, he can ruin her career. She will need all the help she can get from a former bull rider, her street-wise housemate, and her feisty, straight talking grandmother.

Chloe’s Rescue Mission

Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Will Scottish leisure tycoon help Chloe save her family's crumbling theatre?
Can she resist his notorious charms?
And just how much exposure will satisfy the paparazzi's lust for headlines?
Chloe is about to find out...

Healthier Cakes: 30 The Most Amazing Delicious And Healthy Cake Recipes For Busy Women

Rocky TOP 500 REVIEWER: "My Favorite Recipe is the Vienese Apple Strudel... These recipes will make many dietitians and health food nuts happy..."

Discover How To Make Amazingly Delicious Healthy Cakes Using Only Easy-To-Find Ingredients From Your Local Supermarket…

This cookbook designed especially for busy women who want to make easy-to-prepare, tasty cakes. Best-selling author Sarah Jessica Cook have worked her magic again, creating and perfecting this all-new collection of TOP 30 The Most Amazing Delicious And HEALTHY Cakes Recipes for Busy Women...

"Healthier Cakes Recipes For Busy Women" Is Your Quick-Start Guide To Preparing Easy, Delicious, And Tasty Recipes:

Create classics such as Blackberry Cake and Chocolate Beet Cake, and new taste sensations like Chocolate Cake With Candied Orange Peel and Baked Oatmeal With Banana And Blueberries.

Just Look At The Variety Of Cakes Recipes You'll Enjoy When You Get This Cookbook:

1. Iced Carrot Cake
2. Fruit Loaf With Parsnip
3. Chocolate Beet Cake
4. Zucchini Muffins
5. Butternut Squash Roll
6. Zucchini Cake
7. Chocolate Zucchini Cake
8. Carrot Cake With Coconut And Pineapple
9. Sweet Potato Cake
10. Fudge Icing Carrot And Zucchini Cake
11. Pumpkin Cheesecake With Ginger Nut Crust
12. Warm Pear Cake
13. Banana Muffins With Ice-cream And Caramel Sauce
14. Chocolate Cake With Beet And Peppermint
15. Zucchini And Pumpkin Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting
16. Blackberry Cake
17. Pumpkin Cake With Pecans And Rum
18. Christmas Cake With Carrots
19. Baked Oatmeal With Banana And Blueberries
20. Easter Coffee Cake
21. Green-Tomato Cake
22. Pumpkin Cake With Maple Glaze
23. Almond Cake With Brandy And Poached Peaches
24. Vegetable Muffins
25. Baked Stuffed Apples
26. Apricot Pie
27. Viennese Apple Strudel
28. Light Fruit Cake
29. Cherry Poke Cake
30. Chocolate Cake With Candied Orange Peel

Try This Cookbook 100% Risk FREE!

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The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman: A Time Travel Adventure (The Downstream Diaries Book 1)

How far would you go for someone you love?

In 1992 Amy Bridgeman disappeared. Her brother is going back to discover the truth…

Joseph Bridgeman – a reclusive insomniac with a weakness for ‘The Beatles’ on vinyl – accidentally discovers he can time travel. With the help of Vinny, a local record shop owner, an old school friend and Alexia Finch (his hypo-time-travel guru) Joe sets out to change the course of his life. He needs to get back to 1992, the year his world fell apart, the year his sister, went missing. The only problem (apart from his clothes disappearing) is that the further back he goes the less time he gets to stay there. Can Joe master his new-found gift before time catches up with him?

Expect action, drama, adventure and of course the unexpected!


"If you're a fan of Time Travel, this book is among the best"
"Another offering of pure delight from author Nick Jones."
"Love, love, love this series!! The humour is outstanding and the characters come to life. I wish I could give it more stars!"
"If Nick Hornby and Michael Marshall Smith had a child, Nick Jones would be it. Read this."
"This man writes great books – it's that simple!"
"A wonderful writer. I love this series! It's time travel you can actually understand."
"Absolutely loved this book. Similar to Time Travellers Wife. Edge of your seat stuff, can't wait for more books by Nick Jones. Excellent"

Action, romance, intrigue and comedy combine in this, the first book in The Downstream Time Travel Adventure series.

Previously Published as ‘Downstream Season 1’.

The Starlight Hill Series: Books 1-3

Voted what to Read After Gilmore Girls!

In California wine country, love is in the air. Can Ivey, Brooke, and Genevieve find
their happily ever afters with the gorgeous men of their pasts? A charming

All of Me

What would you do for a second chance with your first love?

Welcome to wine country and the small town of Starlight Hill, California, where the wine flows freely and so does the gossip.

The town has never quite forgiven Ivey Lancaster for leaving their favorite son, Dr. Jeff Garner, when she met a man on an online dating site. But while the people of the township took sides, the truth of her absence is something Ivey doesn’t want anyone to know.

When a sudden change of plans forces Ivey to work with her hunky ex, she must keep it professional or risk her heart all over again.

Somebody Like You

Strike One ... in one night, Brooke Miller loses her boyfriend, her job and possibly her reputation. She vows revenge on her old boss by bringing a defunct vineyard back to its former glory. But ex-baseball star Billy Turlock swoops in and buys her dream vineyard.

Strike Two…Billy hopes the new family business will give him direction and purpose, now that he can no longer play baseball. He can’t afford to fail again, and for that he needs Brooke, who has hated him and all athletes since high school … even if he’s never forgotten her.

Wild pitch … when it becomes clear the hot hunk is interested in more than a working relationship, Brooke wonders if their wild attraction could ever last …

Until There Was You

How far would you go to get your fantasy man?

Would you marry someone who looked just like him?

Genevieve Hannigan has loved her big brother’s best friend, Wallace Turlock, for as long as she can remember. But when he never noticed her, she settled for Wallace 2.0.

With her disastrous two month marriage behind her, Gen knows that nothing but the original Wallace will do.

But when Genevieve’s ex-husband is back in town with hopes to reconcile, things are about to get complicated …

Sweet and tender, Heatherly Bell writes romance that will capture your heart. ~ Marina Adair, #1 national bestselling author of Summer in Napa

Heatherly Bell's sweet, warm romances are the perfect escape. ~ Jamie Farrell, bestselling author of the Officers Ex-Wives Club