Book of The Day! Return of the Highlander (The Highlander Series Book 4) (Volume 4)

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Join countless other
romance readers who have been captured, claimed, and seduced by Julianne
MacLean's passionate and adventurous bestselling Highlander series.


means more to Scottish heiress Larena Campbell than saving her father from the
gallows. While on an urgent mission to deliver his pardon from the King, she and
her English escorts are attacked by a pair of fierce Scottish rebels. When she is
dragged unconscious back to the stronghold of Angus the Lion, a powerful and
dangerous Scottish laird, she is furious with her captors and determined to
escape at any cost...


scout, Darach MacDonald, is suspicious of the beautiful and defiant heiress who
clocked him in the head during the skirmish with the enemy Redcoats. He
suspects she will stop at nothing to win her freedom. When he is assigned the
task of shepherding the heiress back to her home, he quickly discovers that spending
countless nights on the open road with a lassie as temptingly beautiful as
Larena Campbell is enough to drive any hot-blooded Scot mad with savage desire.
Suddenly he is overcome by a need to claim her as his own, but when they arrive
at her father's castle, all may not be what it seems...

"You can always count on Julianne MacLean to deliver
ravishing romance."--Teresa Medeiros, New
York Times
bestselling author

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