I Justice: Night of the Assassin: A Private Eye Thriller (99 cent kindle books mystery, suspense series of thriller, suspense Thriller Mystery, crime and murder Book 3)


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Blood runs cold in Central City and where Stone goes, death is around every corner.

A woman is found dead, Private Detective Randall Stone learns of a dangerous bootlegging operation that might hold the key.

Leather Jacket Murder
The stakes are high when Private Investigator Randall Stone goes up against a thug to bring down a ruthless drug dealer setting him up for a deadly show down.

Wrong Answer
A simple missing person case becomes a deadly affair when a club owner murdered. Private eye Randall Stone learns there are deadly forces working and real evil lurks in the shadows.

At Any Cost
Private Detective Randall Stone hired to recover stolen jewelry while the investigation proves the robbery was staged, but by who?

The Vanishing Corpse

Jennifer Long investigates the apparent murder of a young woman and stumbles onto a deadly secret that might cost her, her life.

Tales of: Detective, Police Detective, Police, Murder, Investigation, Death, Violence, Blood, Shootout, Police Officer, Shot to Death, Corpse, Revenge, Fight, Gun, Murder Investigation, Gunfight, Husband Wife Relationship, Fistfight Neo Noir, Interrogation, Police Investigation, Deception Blood Splatter, Gangster, Beating, Murderer, Punched In the Face, Car Chase, Hostage, Arrest, Policeman, Kidnapping, Shot In The Back, Shot In The Head, Crime Investigation, Police Shootout, Murder Suspect, Police Officer Killed, Surveillance, Suspense, Police Chase, Crime Scene, Robbery Brutality, Psychopath, Serial Killer