Mail Order Bride – Charlotte’s Summer: Clean Sweet Western Cowboy Romance (Seasons Mail Order Brides Book 1)


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Seattle orphan Charlotte Bates is horrified when the evil Mr Graynger informs her that on her upcoming 18th birthday, she WILL become his wife. But Charlotte simply can't marry him ... she won't! He is vulgar, putrid and disrespectful - not to mention, over three times her age. With help from her best friend Beth and the kindly Mistress Belle, Charlotte is soon heading east to marry young farmer Thomas Ackerman in Conrad, Montana. 

As her life in Conrad unfolds, Charlotte meets a wonderful mix of townsfolk, including her future husband Thomas, the lovely Louise, the interfering Mabel, and, an adorable 8 year old named Junior. 
But even in Paradise, life doesn't always turn out the way we might hope or expect it to. Has Charlotte jumped from the frying pan into the fire? Or might she learn that amidst the mud and the blood and the tears, romance and love can materialize in the most magical, unexpected ways.
The Seasons Mail Order Bride series:
Series 1 - Seasons
Book One - Charlotte's Summer
Book Two - Falling for Beth 
Book Three - Alice in Winterland 
Book Four - Spring Belle
Series 2 - Seasons Sons & Daughters
Book One - Madeline's Match
Future releases in 2016
Book Two - Hannah's Hope
Book Three - Sarah's Choice
Book Four - Stella's Fella