Romance: Once Upon an Arranged Marriage (Victorian Duke Wealth Love Romance) (Lady Rake Rogue Historical Novel)

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Cora Ashton is still adjusting to the life her father's newfound wealth has brought her, and she can't seem to understand why people think it's so much better to have money. After all, with the turn of the 20th century coming quickly, Cora sees more freedom in being poor. She certainly had a less strained relationship with her mother before, and she hadn't been expected to parade around at a coming of age party or to marry a man she didn't love.

And she'd had Joseph.

Joseph Watts hates seeing Cora's unhappiness, but with such a low station in life, he can do nothing about it. Besides, his hands are full with his ailing sister and working every odd job he can find to support the two of them. While the news of Cora's engagement to Charlie Cantrell is difficult to hear, Joseph knows the wealthy young man will provide for her.

But when circumstances become overwhelming and Cora and Joseph find a way to steal a moment here and there to reminisce over their childhood together, the uproar it causes - both in social perception and the raging storm inside both of them that drives them to need each other - becomes overwhelming.

Each forced to make difficult decisions, will they be driven apart by their differences or together by their mutual need?