Romance: One Western Miracles at a Time (Alpha Male Cowboy Bride Romance) (Renegade Rancher Book 1)


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In this exciting new romance series from C. J. Rivers we meet Charlie Daniels. He’s named for the famous musician, but his real passion is ranching. After his Grandfather passed away, leaving Charlie with the opportunity to run his own spread, Charlie is thrilled – but he soon learns that his new property comes with some strings attached.
Enter Ada, a gorgeous blonde who also happens to be an IRS agent. She has all kinds of bad news for Charlie, but after witnessing the fledgling rancher act in a very heroic manner, she’s not sure she’s willing to be the woman who breaks her heart. Her willingness to bend the rules has unexpected consequences – ones that involve Charlie’s entire family, including his older brother Matthew, who’s struggling with a troubled marriage, younger brother David, currently deployed in Afghanistan, and a cantankerous old woman who’s every bit as fast with a rifle as she is with her harsh words.
Ideal for fans of family drama, passionate romance, and the wild west, Rough Stock Ranching presents an insider’s look at the turbulent world of raising bucking broncos. It’s also about finding love when you least expect it – and why you should never, ever try messing around with the IRS.