The Oracle Series: Volumes 1-3


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The Mythological Series Meant to be Devoured.

Believe the Myth. Become a Legend.

Eva McRayne was sure that Greek mythology was just that: a myth. Fairy tales told to children who loved a good adventure story.Yet, when she encounters a Sibyl desperate to free herself from the chains binding her to Apollo, Eva realizes that the fairy tales are more than fantasy. They are her new reality.

The Sibyl:

Some tragedies are best left forgotten. Eva McRayne did not believe in the paranormal. So when she was offered a television show to debunk her friend Elliot's ghost findings, Eva couldn't say no. But an encounter with a desperate Sibyl willing to do anything to set herself free changes Eva forever.

The Fanatic:

We will not be forgotten. Allison Thomason had it all. Fame. Fans. A television show she loved like no other. Until Eva McRayne came along to push her out of the job she was born to do and into obscurity. Determined to see her downfall avenged, Allison calls upon an ancient evil to help her destroy her enemy who understands all too well how easy it is to be pushed aside.

The Seer:

Eva McRayne has seen a lot during her time as the Sibyl. She has talked to the dead. She has fought mythological creatures. But when she is faced with an entity that no one dares to speak of at the Kentauros Equestrian Estates, will she find the strength to do what she must? Or will she allow her past fears to dictate her future?