The Titan Series: Military Romance Box Set: (3 novels + 2 novellas)


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Sexy Alphas in a New Military Romance and Romantic Suspense Series


#1 Amazon Romantic Suspense Bestseller

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The Titan Series, books 1-5: Winters Heat, Garrison's Creed, Westin's Chase, Gambled, & Chased


putting her life on the line to protect classified intelligence,
military psychologist Mia Kensington is on a cross-country road trip
from hell with an intrusive save-the-day hero. She'd rather take her
chances without the ruggedly handsome, cold-blooded operative who boasts
an alpha complex and too many guns.

Colby Winters, an elite
member of The Titan Group, has a single objective on his black ops
mission: recover a document important to national security. It was
supposed to be an easy in-and-out operation. But now, by any means
necessary becomes a survival mantra when he faces off with a stunning
woman he can't leave behind.

When Titan's safe houses are
compromised, Colby stashes Mia at his home, exposing his secret--he's
the adoptive father of an orphaned baby girl. Too soon, danger arrives
and Mia lands in the hands of a sadistic cartel king with a taste for
torture. As hours bleed into fear-drenched days, Colby races across the
globe and through a firestorm of bullets to save the woman he can't live


Nicola is an injured CIA
agent on the run from a failed undercover operation. Her escape plan
shatters when she slams into the man who buried her a decade ago. Cash
Garrison. Her first and only love. Now, sexier than her best memory and
cradling a sniper's rifle, he has questions she can't answer. Why was
she alive? And armed?

Cash is an elite member of a black ops
organization, The Titan Group. He thought Nicola died his senior year of
college and swore off love to focus on a decade of military missions.
But when she shows up behind enemy lines, bleeding out and wielding a
weapon, his heart and mind are unsure how to proceed.

Titan and
the CIA join forces to uncover a mole hidden in a network of
international terrorists and homegrown mobsters, teaming Cash and Nicola
againWhen disaster strikes, Nicola's hidden past makes her the hunted
target and Cash's best kill shot may not be enough to save them.


Westin knows his reputation and likes it. He gets the job done. No
emotion. No baggage. That's why his elite ops company, The Titan Group,
is better than the best. They complete projects classified as mission

And then, in walks a woman as tough as she is sexy. His counterpart in every way, should he choose to admit it.

undercover ATF agent Lilly Chase only answers to "Sugar." Jared is the
only man who can see past her leather-and-lipstick demeanor, and that
revelation is terrifying. She was fired for helping Titan on a
questionable arrest she should've ignored, then partnered with Jared's
rival on an assignment in Afghanistan.

Saving Sugar isn't a
normal rescue operation. It pits Titan against its rival, Jared against
his nemesis. Chasing Sugar's heart isn't a simple task, either. She
fights him, fights them, always ready to run. Jared must risk his life
to save her--the woman whose bravado and surprising sweetness has given
him the one thing he never had. Love.


Gamble's epic fall from the Titan Group labeled him a traitor, then his
wife walks out the door. Can the couple survive if the only chance of
redemption is a fall further into a world of guns and kidnappings?


Jenny Chase and Asher McIntyre: can two hearts on opposite career paths survive while Asher's enemy seeks to destroy them both?